Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I don't want to get hi-jacked.  Especially not by Fat Munch.  He is a gremlin.  

I would like to keep my bounce blog just the way it is.  Fat Munchin told me I better watch my back.  But today, I think I am going to play in the lady's sheets and roll on my back instead of watching it.  Tomorrow, I could figure out how to do that even though it doesn't sound like any fun.

la la la, playin in the lady's sheets

le le le biting the sheeties

we we we sheets are so fun  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tap tap...hey...hey you. come ear.

Ho there.  This is Fat Munch.  Keep your voice down so we don't wake Big Boy...Me and Miss Emily think that you have some explaining to do...  

We have been here this whole time you know.  I belted the Bee Gees last week and Miss Emily played along as Fat Heid's chihuahua toupee...just to get your attention.

I cuddled with the Big Boy so he could keep his bottom toasty even though that bed has my name written all over it.. 

I let him watch over me during Lazy Tuesdays.  Miss Emily watched him to make sure he was following the rules.  Miss Emily you are a good helper.

I let him make fun of my munch rolls.  Ha ha Big Boy.  But I could hijack this blog before you could even open your abnormally small eyes.

I could...

That doesn't mean I don't love me some Bounce.  It just means that I have bigger plans, much bigger plans than that...So Baby Blue Eyes, Sweet Bouncey, Bounce House, Cuddle Monster, Mook, Bounce, Lug, Immovable Force, and any other name the lady and The Man call you.  You watch out, you.

Because the second I jack your blog, it gets a new name and a new look.  Because chihuahuas is where it's at yo.  

And I am going to call it MISS FAT HOUSE.  

Pit bulls move over...

Chihuahuas and their zippy antics...get ready world.  

Friday, June 8, 2012

Where's Lumpy Bump Riley?

Someone asked me yesterday too.  1 week ago, my new brother died.  He started breathing heavy and he couldn't stand up.  The lady and the Man started running around the house, and then they picked him up and went to the door.  Lumpy Bump Riley looked at me, and we said goodbye.  Something burst in his belly.  They don't know if it was a tumor or maybe an organ that was too old.  I was worried that Fat Munch would be sad because they were brothers for a long time and longer than me and Lumpy Bump were.  Yesterday, Fat Munch told me that he would like to cuddle more with me if that is okay.  I said yes it was.

I think he asked Miss Emily too about the cuddling.

Dear Riley.  You were my brother.  You liked to sleep on my neck.  And we used to cuddle with the Uncle every day and every night.  I will cuddle with Bouncer and Miss Emily now.  And you can cuddle with the Uncle.  I know you will like that.  Love, Munchkin.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dinner Time Wait

I love Dinner.  I love Dinner in the morning, and in the night time, and little Dinners during the day when I am being a good boy.  I love to eat Dinner, but I also love to wait for Dinner.  This is when I get to show off my Sweet Moves to the lady who sometimes says "Bouncer, why do you have to bump my legs with your big head?"  Or, "Bouncer! Don't bounce over the little dogs!"  And also, "Bouncer, do you HAVE to be in my lap all the time?"

It's during the Dinner Time Wait, that I get to show her that even though I have small eyes and an abnormally large head, I am better at the Dinner Time Wait then all of the pipsqueaks in the house combined.  Let me introduce them first:

There we are starting the Dinner Time Wait.  With 4 of us, it takes awhile to get all the yummies ready.  The lady appr-eci-ates me when I show off my Sweet Moves because I am being a good role model for the pipsqueaks.  The next ones were taken in the next 30 seconds after this one.  Watch me being a good boy and everyone else being bad.

I just couldn't hold it in anymore.  

Just wanted to let you know.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


It was so sweaty all weekend that I decided me and my dogs should do a lot of lounging.  Our favorite place was the couch.

But Fat Munch couldn't seem to make it on the couch to lounge.  So he plopped himself on a blankie.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Maybe, just maybe...

Having 2 new brothers is not so bad.  They are small, but they are spunky.  I like to jump over Lumpy Bump Riley on my way to the back yard.  He doesn't show off his teeth or give me the Stink Eye when I do this.  I think that maybe he doesn't even notice, which is actually the best for me because then I can do it anytime I want.

When we are outside, Fat Munch and me like to hang out together.

And then when we are all ready to go inside, we all wait at the door together.  See?  No pushing.  We are sharing the door very nicely.  Except with Miss Emily who is too small to even see inside so she doesn't need any room.

And then, me and Fat Munch hang out again like we have been best friends for a long time.  He is a Good Cuddler.

Maybe I love chi-hua-huas after all...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Forever Change

In just two days, my life went upside down.  The lady went away.  And then The Man went away.  And then they both came back in the middle of the night with 2 dogs.

The lady's Uncle died.  The lady loved the Uncle very much.  She promised the Uncle that she would live with his dogs one day and after that, forever.  Well, forever started Monday.  The Uncle's dogs walk around the house a lot.  They don't smile.  And sometimes they will make squealy noises if no one is around.  I think this means they are sad because of the Uncle.

 The lady says they need time to settle in, and that I need to be a Good Friend by being gentle and easy to live with.  I think they must feel like I felt before I went to the Barn and then to the lady's house.  Sort of lost and nervous and forgetting where I put my smile.  It is because of this that I am quiet around them and give them kisses, and I make sure I don't barrel into them like I do with Miss Emily and the lady's legs and all of the furniture.

This is my new family.

That is Riley on the right.  He is ancient because he is older than Miss Emily who is 11.  I call him Lumpy Bump Riley because he has lumps and bumps everywhere, even on his chin.

This is Munchkin.  I call him Fat Munch because the lady says he is about 10 pounds too big.  See him here?  He is in the kitchen.  And I am watching anxiously right-outside because I know what Fat Munch is doing is a big No-No.  I told Fat Munch to stay out of there but he said, "No Large Heid, that couldn't have been dinner...second breakfast maybe but DEFINITELY not dinner!"  Even though I think he had a pretty good reason, the kitchen was closed for the night... and when it's closed, you could get into trouble.

The lady said that the only thing the Uncle wanted was for Lumpy Bump Riley and Fat Munch to have a home again and that I should feel good in my heart for giving them my home even though they are too small to play with properly and too old to wrestle.  I asked the lady if she loved me that much and she said yes, yes she sure did love me that much. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's been months and months, and the lady said that I needed to stop having Bouncer parties and write my blogs so that people will know I did NOT run away or stub my toe and need emergency surgery or get sad and lock myself away in my crate all this time.  The truth is that I was a very busy boy and I just didn't know where to start...
Stinky Cherry got adopted.  Her new mom wrote her a blog too.  I am glad she found a home because the lady was thinking of making MY home HER home, and if that happened I would tell Cherry that she would have to sleep in the garage at night and she is not allowed to play with my toys ever.  And then the lady fostered other little dogs that looked more like Miss Emily than my favorite friend Chloe, so I wasn't allowed to chew on them or wrestle.  

It was so boring, so I was planning my escape for good but then guess what happened?  All the little dogs went away and my favorite friend Chloe came over.

This is me trying to bite her bottom, but she is very flexible and I never get to do it.

And this is her chewing on my leg.  This is what we do best.

But, I don't just love her because we have "favorite wrestly-fun time" together.  I also love her because we can be quiet and gentle too.  Sometimes we even do some "deep thinking."

This is mostly Chloe "deep thinking" about the squirrel at the window.  I haven't started "deep thinking yet," if you can tell...
And this is me deep thinking about my boney.  "So good."
Ok everyone, I won't forget to tell you more things that I am doing.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I like big dogs

The lady thought I needed some big dog time because I can't stretch my legs when I play with ant-sized dogs like Miss Emily.

This is me and Chloe, my best friend in the whole entire world.

Bouncer and Chloe 1/27/12 from Tom Becker on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Play time with Miss Emily

This is me and Miss Emily playing.  The lady makes sure I use my gentle teeth, and that I stay with my belly on the ground so I don't squoosh her when we roll around.

I like to play with Miss Emily.  She is so speedy, and she lets me nibble on her little back.