Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tap tap...hey...hey you. come ear.

Ho there.  This is Fat Munch.  Keep your voice down so we don't wake Big Boy...Me and Miss Emily think that you have some explaining to do...  

We have been here this whole time you know.  I belted the Bee Gees last week and Miss Emily played along as Fat Heid's chihuahua toupee...just to get your attention.

I cuddled with the Big Boy so he could keep his bottom toasty even though that bed has my name written all over it.. 

I let him watch over me during Lazy Tuesdays.  Miss Emily watched him to make sure he was following the rules.  Miss Emily you are a good helper.

I let him make fun of my munch rolls.  Ha ha Big Boy.  But I could hijack this blog before you could even open your abnormally small eyes.

I could...

That doesn't mean I don't love me some Bounce.  It just means that I have bigger plans, much bigger plans than that...So Baby Blue Eyes, Sweet Bouncey, Bounce House, Cuddle Monster, Mook, Bounce, Lug, Immovable Force, and any other name the lady and The Man call you.  You watch out, you.

Because the second I jack your blog, it gets a new name and a new look.  Because chihuahuas is where it's at yo.  

And I am going to call it MISS FAT HOUSE.  

Pit bulls move over...

Chihuahuas and their zippy antics...get ready world.  


  1. Uh oh, Bouncer! You've been hacked by chihuahuas! Better open those abnormally small eyes ASAP because the Munch is taking over!

  2. Too much cuteness! Munch, it looks like you've lost a little weight there. It's really all about the trio so blog-jack away, as long as I get my regularly scheduled dose of cute picture updates!

  3. hahahahaaaaa! i do think there is room enough in this blog for all of you, but bouncer should get the right to censor any mean things you say about's only fair, right? :)

  4. You are an adorable family. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures and fun stories of your lives. Good to see you all happy.

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