Monday, May 30, 2011

If there was only one day

Today is a good day.  Every day is a good day, actually, but today is an espec-ially good day because I am so bright and I stand out against all of the planteys in the backyard.  Except for my ears.  This is where I go to think about all of the good things that happened to me since I was born.

It's also important to think about ways to make me laugh.  And that's when I sit on certain planteys, because it makes me look like I have prickly hair all over my body and I feel very funny.

If there was only one day in the whole entire world, I hope that it would be today.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Personal Space Moocher

The sun is shining.  The squirrels are out.  And I have a marrow bone with my name on it.  All I need is a little quiet time to do my thing.  Instead, I have a little napkin named Miss Emily who is a "Personal Space Moocher."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

a lot to bounce about

My life as a family dog is different than my life as a shelter dog or my life as a rescue dog at the Barn.  When I was a shelter dog, I was full of worries that my family would forget where I was.  And when they did and I was a rescue dog at the Barn, I was full of waiting for the lady and the Man who loved Robin to love me too.

My life as a family dog means that the backyard which is full of squirrels is mine for as long as I want it.  It also means that no one is looking for me anymore and I don't have to be hope-ful that I will be found because I already am.  Now I can just be full.

Friday, May 13, 2011


If I had to be a jellybean today, I would be the fuzzy one that blinks different colors depending on if you have squirrels or just birds in your backyard.  I would be that one jellybean that you look at because it looks so good and it tastes like dandelions.  And when you pick it up it doesn't feel like just one but one hundred of them, all just waiting to get nice and comfy in your belly.  This is what I think about sometimes.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's okay. You can ask me.

She is just as luscious as Robin said she was.  All toes and tiny goblin ears.  And a saucy little mouth that I think is just precious.  My Miss Emily.  When Robin said I could stay at Miss Emily's, I started thinking about tennis balls.  And that I would tell Miss Emily that I am VERY good at carrying them around in my mouth but that even though she's the same size I would NOT carry her around until she said, "okay Bouncer, you can do this."

It's been about 3 days or more, but I think that I've been here before then.  I don't know when but there is a bed that is the exact size as my bottom!  And turtle stuffies and peanut butter which are my perfect treats.  And the lady and the Man that loved Robin and then loved me have the perfect size hands to cradle my meatball head so falling asleep feels so good.

Maybe I knew Miss Emily was waiting for me this whole time.  Maybe I didn't. Sometimes I think I know something but I have very small eyes and an abnormally large head so I don't always remember what I knew.  But this place makes me happy.  It's just like the Barn, but with Miss Emily.  And the people who love Robin and now love me too.