Monday, April 2, 2012

It's been months and months, and the lady said that I needed to stop having Bouncer parties and write my blogs so that people will know I did NOT run away or stub my toe and need emergency surgery or get sad and lock myself away in my crate all this time.  The truth is that I was a very busy boy and I just didn't know where to start...
Stinky Cherry got adopted.  Her new mom wrote her a blog too.  I am glad she found a home because the lady was thinking of making MY home HER home, and if that happened I would tell Cherry that she would have to sleep in the garage at night and she is not allowed to play with my toys ever.  And then the lady fostered other little dogs that looked more like Miss Emily than my favorite friend Chloe, so I wasn't allowed to chew on them or wrestle.  

It was so boring, so I was planning my escape for good but then guess what happened?  All the little dogs went away and my favorite friend Chloe came over.

This is me trying to bite her bottom, but she is very flexible and I never get to do it.

And this is her chewing on my leg.  This is what we do best.

But, I don't just love her because we have "favorite wrestly-fun time" together.  I also love her because we can be quiet and gentle too.  Sometimes we even do some "deep thinking."

This is mostly Chloe "deep thinking" about the squirrel at the window.  I haven't started "deep thinking yet," if you can tell...
And this is me deep thinking about my boney.  "So good."
Ok everyone, I won't forget to tell you more things that I am doing.  


  1. Yay! Now I'm having a Bouncer party from the joy of hearing that you are rid of the Cherry Pit and got to play with big dogs again and have even managed a few deep(ish) thoughts along the way!

  2. Congrats on getting rid of that silly Cherry! Glad to see how well you are doing Bouncer- tell your mom to keep those photos coming.

  3. Bounce you are beautiful! Glad you have found time to wrestle, think deep thoughts AND be tolerant. =)

  4. hoooorrrraaaaaaay! i am so glad to see an update from you and to know that you are continuing to bounce, have difficulty thinking deeply, and that cherry pit is gone! don't make it so long next time before you update your fans again!!!