Sunday, September 25, 2011

A day in the mountains to get sleepy!

Me and the lady went for a hike today in the mountains.  She says she likes me the best when I am very sleepy, so we go and do that on Sunday mornings.

This is me ready to go get tired!

The lady makes me wear a gentle leader now because I am so big and she is so small.  She says it helps her walk me, but I really don't need any help walking and I could probably pull 6 or more of her up the mountains which would probably help her because she is so slow.  I don't think it's a "gentle leader" at all. I think it is a musty skunk trying to get into my mouth, so I put my nose in the dirt and try to jiggle it off all the time.

But the lady says that hiking and the gentle leader are the same thing.  I can't have one if I don't have the other.  I think that is not a real rule, but I don't know what to do about it because my abnormally large head can only hold so many abnormally large thoughts like that at one time.

I also got to go in the water, and the lady and the Man are thinking of getting me a ramp so I can walk into the pool in my backyard too.

When we got back to my car, I had to get into my seatbelt, and I just don't know how the dirt of the mountains found so much of my head.

But when we got home, I was so sleepy I didn't even follow the lady around like usual.  I just found my little bed and started dreaming.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My best buddy

Chlo-wee is my best buddy.  At first she wasn't sure about me because I am so bouncy, so she played the keep away game at the barn.

Valentine's Date with Bouncer & Chloe from on Vimeo.

Chlo-wee likes to put foster dogs and the other dogs of the lady's house in her mouth.

This is the lady's old dog, Buzz.  He came from BadRap too.
 Chlo-wee loved Buzz so much, and this is how they played.

And Chlo-wee also loved Bucky.  This is her trying to get him in her mouth.

Get in my mouth Bucky!
But now she loves my sweet little body and abnormally large head very much.  Here is Chlo-wee being my best buddy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

No. Those are not shoes.

Those are my brownies.  I was up early with the lady, and when it's early, the floor is squishy.  And my brownies were waiting for me in the far back crevices of the yard.

And when they found me they said, "would you like to play with me in the far back crevices of the yard?  I am good friend and will not go far from you."

And I said "yes I will play with you brownies because I want all parts of me to look like my ears and my bottom."

So I played with my brownies, and they were right, they stayed with me the whole time.  My brownies felt juicy on my ankles and crumbly on my toes but they didn't go anywhere but on the bottoms of my stumpy legs.

After awhile I said "brownies, I don't want to play with you anymore.  You are juicy and crumbly and you don't play right.  Go away now."

But the brownies stayed with me.

And the lady would NOT let me in until the brownies left.  Even though I told her that the brownies would not go away even when I asked nicely.

I hate my brownies now.
Now I have to be sneaky so I could get inside.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dinner wait

My name is Miss Emily.  I don't have to do a breakfast wait or a dinner wait because I am Miss Emily.
Nope, don't have to do it.
I am so small and speedy that I can just zip right past the 2 big ones when the lady says "sit." And because I am so speedy she doesn't even notice that I did this.
Zip zip zip

Go get it in there

And the big white one with the skinny eyes and loud face always complains.

No Miss Emily.  I will not let you type any more because of what you said about me.  You are a bad dog.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Breakfast wait

My friend Chlo-ee is staying with me and Miss Emily.  She is 6 years old.  I am 2 years old, and Miss Emily is 12 years old.  Even though I am the youngest, I sit the best when I am waiting for my breakfast, see?

Friday, September 9, 2011

For my friend Colleen: Ropey toy

It's all in the grip.

Crinkle it and squish it and sit on part of it.

Next is to have a good wrinkle mouth.

No ropey toy!  Stay on the bed!

Lady, are you watching me be a good boy?

Chew chew chew on my ropey toy.  La de dah.

La la la.  Watch me smell my ropey toy.

If you have a good ropey toy, the rest is cake.