Saturday, April 21, 2012

Maybe, just maybe...

Having 2 new brothers is not so bad.  They are small, but they are spunky.  I like to jump over Lumpy Bump Riley on my way to the back yard.  He doesn't show off his teeth or give me the Stink Eye when I do this.  I think that maybe he doesn't even notice, which is actually the best for me because then I can do it anytime I want.

When we are outside, Fat Munch and me like to hang out together.

And then when we are all ready to go inside, we all wait at the door together.  See?  No pushing.  We are sharing the door very nicely.  Except with Miss Emily who is too small to even see inside so she doesn't need any room.

And then, me and Fat Munch hang out again like we have been best friends for a long time.  He is a Good Cuddler.

Maybe I love chi-hua-huas after all...


  1. i love hearing about bouncer and his family! that's all i wanted to say :)

  2. You look so happy, Bouncer. I am sure that you are never lonely!

  3. You just needed some big fat cuddly chihuahuas like the Munchster, not tiny or ancient or crabby ones like you've been subjected to until now! I'm glad your new family members are working out alright!

  4. Bouncer, you are so good! What a great housemate you make. x Sarah

  5. hooray for you, bouncer! see, not all chihuahuas are like cherry pit. you're being the good big brother we all knew you could be!

  6. The sweetness in your story just continues. I hope you have lots of good times with your new brothers!