Friday, March 15, 2013

Minky and Patience

My new girl-friend knows a thing or two about wrestling and cuddling.  She sure knows how to keep me busy on rainy days and on sunny days.  But she definitely doesn't know about "sitting" or "waiting," or "being patient."  Even Fat Munch knows not to have 'monkey manners' at the door.

It takes for-ever to get inside this way because the lady just waits.  She has "patience."  I do.  Fat Munch sort of does.  Miss Emily does.  Minky does not.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I had to have a talk with my new girlfriend today.  I said, "new girlfriend, please listen to me because i have something very important to talk to you about."

I said, "I know that you love me so much.   I know it's probably my Sweet Moves that you can't get enough of so you follow me around and chew on my face and snuggle all over me when Fat Munch and Miss Emily aren't looking.  It's okay to have the feelings you have." girlfriend Minky...Fat Munch and Miss Emily can't get enough of me too.  You have to share me.  And the Man and the lady get crabby when they don't get Bounce time.  You need to be respect-ful.

So, when we want to sit together, we need to sit with the tiny dogs, like this.

Don't be sad, Minks.  We are still together.
And...when they want to cuddle with me, you should hold your instincts in so they don't get jealous.  You could sleep close enough to me, but not too close, okay?

But I have a secret for you, Minky.  Of everything that is special to me, you are best.  I dream about you even when I am awake.  Because you are like my very own pocket pit.  Sometimes, I wish we could share the same collar.

Because you are my Minky.  The best girlfriend ever.