Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Forever Change

In just two days, my life went upside down.  The lady went away.  And then The Man went away.  And then they both came back in the middle of the night with 2 dogs.

The lady's Uncle died.  The lady loved the Uncle very much.  She promised the Uncle that she would live with his dogs one day and after that, forever.  Well, forever started Monday.  The Uncle's dogs walk around the house a lot.  They don't smile.  And sometimes they will make squealy noises if no one is around.  I think this means they are sad because of the Uncle.

 The lady says they need time to settle in, and that I need to be a Good Friend by being gentle and easy to live with.  I think they must feel like I felt before I went to the Barn and then to the lady's house.  Sort of lost and nervous and forgetting where I put my smile.  It is because of this that I am quiet around them and give them kisses, and I make sure I don't barrel into them like I do with Miss Emily and the lady's legs and all of the furniture.

This is my new family.

That is Riley on the right.  He is ancient because he is older than Miss Emily who is 11.  I call him Lumpy Bump Riley because he has lumps and bumps everywhere, even on his chin.

This is Munchkin.  I call him Fat Munch because the lady says he is about 10 pounds too big.  See him here?  He is in the kitchen.  And I am watching anxiously right-outside because I know what Fat Munch is doing is a big No-No.  I told Fat Munch to stay out of there but he said, "No Large Heid, that couldn't have been dinner...second breakfast maybe but DEFINITELY not dinner!"  Even though I think he had a pretty good reason, the kitchen was closed for the night... and when it's closed, you could get into trouble.

The lady said that the only thing the Uncle wanted was for Lumpy Bump Riley and Fat Munch to have a home again and that I should feel good in my heart for giving them my home even though they are too small to play with properly and too old to wrestle.  I asked the lady if she loved me that much and she said yes, yes she sure did love me that much. 


  1. Please give the Lady a big gentle big-headed pibble hug for me, Bouncer, and tell her I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of her uncle. I hope that Riley and Munchkin soon settle in and start smiling again and maybe then you'll find ways to play with them like you have with Miss Emily. You're lucky to have a Lady whose heart is large enough to not only fit many little geriatric dogs, but also you.

  2. Aw, Bouncer, please tell your Lady that our thoughts are with her and she has such a wonderful heart for opening her home to more pups! Our thoughts are with you and your fur-amily, Big Head!

  3. bouncer, you are making me get all teary-eyed. i know you have a lot of love stored in that big head of yours - so big that it makes your thoughts be kind of small. but because you have so much love you can share it with the lady to help her feel better.

    if only every dog could have a forever home to go to. all of you are very lucky indeed.

  4. Thank you. My biggest worry is if something happens to me,who will take care of my babies. Bouncer you help your mamma take good care of them. They will need some TLC.

  5. That's wonderful, Bouncer! We did this with my father-in-law's two dogs, we still have them now after almost ten years. We said we would find them good homes, but just couldn't do it. Sounds like you're being a really good brother, Miss Emily taught you well ;-)

  6. Oh, Bouncer. You are a good friend to these oldies. And, The Lady has a heart of gold. Please give her lots of Bouncer hugs and kisses.