Friday, November 25, 2011

...and the day after

I am thankful for this couch.  Because my belly is very heavy.  I got a special thanksgiving dinner last night because the lady and the Man said they were thankful for me.  And now I am paying it forward.  Dear Couch, I am thankful for you to hold my heavy belly that is full of turkey delights.  And some green beans.  Don't ever change.  Love, Bouncer.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

been busy with Chihuahuas

Sorry I haven't written.  I've been busy with Chihuahuas.  The lady is taking care of one who has been very greedy with the lady's time, so I've been locked in the crate or tied-down while the new thing gets sit-u-ated.

When I came to stay at Miss Emilys, I don't remember all of this special attention from the lady.  It was just "Hi Bouncer, here's your home."  Her name is Sweet Cherry, but I am calling her Chubby Cherry or Cherry with a Pit or Sour Cherry because she gets growly when I sniff her bottom or show her my moves.

Here is me on a tie-down while Sour Cherry and Miss Emily get cuddly on the floor.

But the thing that is good is we get lots of treats when Cherry Pit is around.  This is me showing that I am a gentle-man and can stay very quiet for sweet goodies.

I hope Cherry Pit finds a home soon because I don't think I like living in a land of Chihuahuas.  They are very small and jumpy and they don't play right.

But I guess they can make good cuddle partners sometimes.