Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dinner Time Wait

I love Dinner.  I love Dinner in the morning, and in the night time, and little Dinners during the day when I am being a good boy.  I love to eat Dinner, but I also love to wait for Dinner.  This is when I get to show off my Sweet Moves to the lady who sometimes says "Bouncer, why do you have to bump my legs with your big head?"  Or, "Bouncer! Don't bounce over the little dogs!"  And also, "Bouncer, do you HAVE to be in my lap all the time?"

It's during the Dinner Time Wait, that I get to show her that even though I have small eyes and an abnormally large head, I am better at the Dinner Time Wait then all of the pipsqueaks in the house combined.  Let me introduce them first:

There we are starting the Dinner Time Wait.  With 4 of us, it takes awhile to get all the yummies ready.  The lady appr-eci-ates me when I show off my Sweet Moves because I am being a good role model for the pipsqueaks.  The next ones were taken in the next 30 seconds after this one.  Watch me being a good boy and everyone else being bad.

I just couldn't hold it in anymore.  

Just wanted to let you know.


  1. Your mom probably really appreciates that at least you behave!!! It probably helps you get extra treatsies!

  2. Way to be a good example for the pipsqueaks! You may bounce over the little dogs and have a big head, but you are such a good boy, not at all like Griddle Cakes McGee and other dogs whose names we will not mention. I hope you get lots and lots of dinners (though not so many that the lady starts calling you Fat Bounce).

  3. Bouncer, am I missing something? I didn't see you mention Lumpy Bump Riley. Is he still with you? I think you set a very good example.

  4. I love your big head, Bouncer. I would give it lots of smooshes and treats and kisses on your beak.

  5. bouncer, i appr-eci-ate you even if you weren't so good at the dinner waiting game!

  6. Way to try to be a good role model bouncer! with a sweet face and moves like that, im surprised you don't get an extra special dinner :)