Friday, September 16, 2011

No. Those are not shoes.

Those are my brownies.  I was up early with the lady, and when it's early, the floor is squishy.  And my brownies were waiting for me in the far back crevices of the yard.

And when they found me they said, "would you like to play with me in the far back crevices of the yard?  I am good friend and will not go far from you."

And I said "yes I will play with you brownies because I want all parts of me to look like my ears and my bottom."

So I played with my brownies, and they were right, they stayed with me the whole time.  My brownies felt juicy on my ankles and crumbly on my toes but they didn't go anywhere but on the bottoms of my stumpy legs.

After awhile I said "brownies, I don't want to play with you anymore.  You are juicy and crumbly and you don't play right.  Go away now."

But the brownies stayed with me.

And the lady would NOT let me in until the brownies left.  Even though I told her that the brownies would not go away even when I asked nicely.

I hate my brownies now.
Now I have to be sneaky so I could get inside.  


  1. My Bella gets the brownies from running and digging only we have a dog door and she likes to run through the dog door and jump on our bed with her brownies. Usually right before bed time! Then she has to get a rinse off in the shower to remove her brownies--only the brownie part since it is usually too late for an entire bath. Plus she has to see the unhappy face that Dad and Mom make when they look at the bed.
    So you see Bouncer, it could be worse. It is a good thing you are stuck outside or else you could be a perpetrator of other "crimes". Even with brownies on, you are still super cute Bouncer!

  2. Brownies!! Heeheehee. Around my house, we have two flavors of brownies -- "mudsocks" and "pooshoes".

    Even with the brownies, you are so dang cute, Bouncer!! <3

  3. Bouncer, you need a brownie bath!

  4. Aw, you look so forlorn in the picture with your brownies and the inside-out-ear. I didn't know such a thing was possible! I hope your brownies go away soon so you can go inside. Perhaps you should suggest they go swimming. Most brownies would much prefer swimming than playing with you.

  5. i didn't realize until i saw the videos of you playing with chloe that you really do have brown on your bottom! you are such a specially colored dog - don't let those brownies push you around! :)