Sunday, September 18, 2011

My best buddy

Chlo-wee is my best buddy.  At first she wasn't sure about me because I am so bouncy, so she played the keep away game at the barn.

Valentine's Date with Bouncer & Chloe from on Vimeo.

Chlo-wee likes to put foster dogs and the other dogs of the lady's house in her mouth.

This is the lady's old dog, Buzz.  He came from BadRap too.
 Chlo-wee loved Buzz so much, and this is how they played.

And Chlo-wee also loved Bucky.  This is her trying to get him in her mouth.

Get in my mouth Bucky!
But now she loves my sweet little body and abnormally large head very much.  Here is Chlo-wee being my best buddy.


  1. I'm so glad Chlo-wee came around! That video of you two playing is so much fun! (I had not been aware that you have a little bit of light brown on your rump in addition to the black! These videos are very instructive!) Chlo-wee seems like a much better friend than your Brownies, even if she wants to put you in her mouth.

  2. Bouncer, your updates always make me smile. Please keep them coming!