Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How I came to be

I am a special boy.  There were many people who loved me even before I came to stay at Miss Emily's house.  I am going to meet the first lady that took me from the shelter next week, and I can't wait because I remember her bed and her toys and her very soft hands that cradled my abnormally large head.

I talked with the first lady, Melody, today and she reminded me how I came to be.

I have been following Bouncer ever since he showed up at the Merced shelter. At the time I was sure someone would get him because he looked so cute but as the weeks went and no one came, I decided to get him.  I guess you could say there was a "connection."  His shelter photo really jumped out to me for some reason. I got him early July 2010 and he stayed with me for a couple months.

This is me exploring grass at the first lady's house

Bouncer fit it really well, however I wanted to be fair to him as well (I was rehabilitating another dog from a shelter). I knew he was getting lots of love and attention with me but wanted him to get more one on one time as well. At that time I had to divide time up between the rescues, and even though Bouncer got his daily work outs and playtimes I still felt guilty. 

Getting my workout on

This is me learning about beds
Later on, a fellow rescuer sent BadRap Bouncers photos and asked them if they would take him. Donna responded and said yes!  I knew it would be hard to say bye to him, but I also didn't want to lose this opportunity for him either. 

Bad Rap is an amazing rescue organization, and I was sure they could have done way more for him then I could have. So I decided to transfer him over.  It was really bittersweet but I knew he would be in great hands. 

I must admit though, I had terrible "Bouncer withdrawal". I didn't know if I was stepping over the line at the time but I really wanted to get to know his new adopters and see how he was doing. He was really special to all of us and I'm so happy he found his way to you. (= Thank you for keeping in touch and allowing me to stay in touch with him. I cannot wait to see him again!

My name is Bouncer, and I am a special boy.  Because there were many people who loved me and took care of me even though they didn't even know who I was in the beginning.  I can't wait to see you again too Melody.


  1. You ARE a special boy--just look at the picture of you being an upside-down silly on the bed! I'm glad so many people have loved you and your big head and made sure you landed in a jelly-side-up situation. Kisses to all of them!

  2. Bouncer - this is so sweet! Hope it is a wonderful reunion!

  3. so awwwwww.... I love hearing more of your story Bouncer!

  4. I am so touched by your story Bouncer. I hope doG keeps an eye on you.

  5. bouncer withdrawal! i suffer from that when i go to your site hoping for a new post!

    colleen's post was awesome - a jelly-side-up it!

  6. yay! we can't wait to see photos of the reunion!