Saturday, October 29, 2011


Bouncer do you want to play?

No lady.  I just want to wait right here until Melody comes.  I want to think about the questions I will ask her about how I came to be because she is the one the knew me when I was lost and full of waiting. She got to see me the second I was at the shelter and the second I was out.

I want to ask her if I knew about living in a house and if I used to snore.  I want to ask her if I knew how to play with toys and if I was a good boy or a bad boy at her house.  I want to ask her if she knew what a special boy I was going to become.

I'll just wait here because I am a little unsure about meeting the lady who took a chance on my abnormally large head and if she is still happy she found me or not.

When she walked in I just had to ask.  Hi Melody.  Do you still love me?

Was I a good boy, Melody?  Do you still love me as much as you did back then?

And then she told me...
Hi again Bouncer.  You didn't know how to play with toys, and you had an uncanny way of making sure that one part of your big body was out of the crate at all times so I couldn't close the door.  You liked to sleep on my sister's bed because she let you have the whole thing and so she slept with her feet and left arm hanging off the side every night.  You played well with my dogs, and you spoke with your body. You needed to be touching me all the time, and I let you because your heart was so big even though your eyes and stumpy legs were so small.

You are a cartoon character.  And you never let life get you down.  That's what I remember.  And I remember this...

I did know you were going to be a special boy.  That's why I took you.  Because sometimes life just isn't fair, especially for big-heads like you.  I couldn't take them all that day.  I took you.  Because I knew you would make Miss Emily very happy one day.  And maybe I'm a bit of a sucker.  Because it's clear you still don't have any manners.

Thanks Melody.  I still love you too.


  1. who is chopping onions around me?!?

    thanks for the happy tears, bouncer and melody!

  2. Awww... When I owned a home and could foster dogs, I always wondered what happened to the pups once they left my home. Thank you Bouncer for letting your foster mom see your happy ending.

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  4. There needs to be more Melodys and Melody's Sisters in the world!

  5. Oh, and Bouncer you are so special! You always make me smile--except tonight I am smiling through tears wishing I could be a Melody too.

  6. So awesome - look at those smiles! Happy days!