Friday, July 8, 2011

Water bowl

I think that I love water.

Mostly any kind of water.  From a hose or a fountain.  If it's drip-drip dripping or puddling after the lady waters her planties.  It could also be from the faucet and I look real high and stretch my head until I can just see a little trickle.  But especially the water bowl in the backyard.  This is my favorite because there is so much of it and it never goes away.

All of its splishes and splashes and grumbly noises.  I like to watch it because its very jumpy and there are so many secret surprises in there.

And sometimes the lady and the Man are in the water bowl and they make it do flip flops right near my face.  I think this is the best.

Water water you are the best.
I think I could love you forever.


  1. Bouncer-it makes me happy to read about your life now and how happy you are! I am so glad you are enjoying everything (well almost everything-I'm sure there are some things you don't enjoy but it seems like those are few and far between.)
    Thanks writing about your life. It makes me (and I am sure others too) want to make other dogs that need a good home as happy as you.

  2. I know it's possible that behind those tiny eyes is the keenest brain in dogdom, but I like to think your enormous noggin is filled from black ear to black ear with endless showers of rainbow confetti and that your blocky body is stuffed with pinwheels, jellybeans, windup toys, and delicious biscuits.

  3. Colleen! I think you are the best! I was trying to figure out what was in there for sure, and now it all makes sense. Thank you.

  4. Has Bouncer fallen in the pool yet like Robin did?

  5. Great!what a nice shots.I really enjoy watching it.

  6. Just watch out if Sweet Pee comes for a visit. I'm sure Robin can fill you in on that.