Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ode to a Bean Bag

Bean bag bean bag,
What are you to me?

A little Bouncer-sized island
In this big open sea.

My lady found you
At a neighbor's garbage sale

and I love you with my heart
even if you smell sort of stale.

Bean bag bean bag,
I hope that you love me.

Tell me that you do,
love me more than Miss Emily.


  1. I love you, Bouncer! Your blogs just make my day. I hope Miss. Emily shares the bean bag with you. :)

  2. Same here, Bouncer...I love your posts-they make my day, too! Tell Miss Emily that she could easily find a sofa pillow to nest in. You deserve that bean bag!

  3. The end of this ode made me laugh out loud. That Miss Emily--she's a stinker is she not? I'm sure your bean bag loves you more, though, so all you need to worry about is dislodging that little goblin (nicely, please!) and you two can get back to your love affair.

  4. I would love to own one we live in the middle of nowhere and plenty of room for it. I want to start a play group and this would be fantastic.

  5. This is one of my all-time favorite posts ever! I hope you get your bean bag back, Bouncer.

  6. Hysterical, Bouncer! Keep up the poetry!

  7. Ode to Bouncer

    Bouncer, Bouncer
    that little pest
    (Miss Emily)
    should not take your nest.

    Bouncer, Bouncer,
    I hope you get
    your bean bag back
    from your small pet.

    Bouncer, Bouncer,
    please believe me:
    your bean bag loves you
    and so do we.

  8. B-boy, good luck with that. Although an estrogen unit myself, I feel your pain.
    Hugs & kisses,

  9. What a clever little poet you are! Love it.

  10. Is that Miss Emily or just a large hairshirt you left behind?

  11. Darling! Bouncer you are something special!