Friday, November 25, 2011

...and the day after

I am thankful for this couch.  Because my belly is very heavy.  I got a special thanksgiving dinner last night because the lady and the Man said they were thankful for me.  And now I am paying it forward.  Dear Couch, I am thankful for you to hold my heavy belly that is full of turkey delights.  And some green beans.  Don't ever change.  Love, Bouncer.


  1. And I am thankful for you, Bouncer. Sometimes, if I'm feeling down or the world seems like a hard, mean place, I'll read through your blog posts (and sometimes's Robin's, too) and pretty soon I'm feeling much better. Happy Thanksgiving, dear block-headed boy! (And thanks to the lady, too, for being so nice and letting her dogs use the computer!)

  2. Bouncer, I'm glad you have such a nice couch to lay that extra special heavy belly on today. And I'm thankful that the lady is so good about sharing you. You always make me smile. Though I do miss Robin...We don't get to hear from him anymore, and plus his new lady isn't as good at helping him write as your lady was.

    I was wondering, is there anything you'd like for Christmas? I love you.

  3. i am thankful for you, bouncer, much like i was thankful for robin's posts before yours! may every dog have a couch to be thankful for!

  4. What a nice way to celebrate Thanksgiving. And looks like you also paid it forward by sharing your grateful couch! Thank you for being a gracious model citizen bouncer :)

  5. Dear Bouncer,

    I hope you had a nice Christmas and that Santa Claws not only brought you sweet goodies but also took away at least one of your Chihuahua problems!

    Love, Colleen