Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White lightning

It was my Man's birthday today.  He is turning very old so the lady cooked him his favorite food, which looks a lot like Miss Emily's gooshy food.  Miss Emily is very old too.  She brought over people to the house and I smelled them all and told them they could play with my toys and sit on the couch but only if I was allowed to sit on them too.

The lady was telling the people that I was being a big clown while they were over.  I was running in and out of the backyard with my banana toy and sometimes it was so fast that I looked like "white lightning."

I don't know why but I was feeling very saucy and wanted to show off all my skills to the new people.  Miss Emily was feeling saucy too and she was humping the bed all night.

I was embarrassed for her, but the lady said that if it wasn't bothering me, that I should let Miss Emily do whatever made her the happiest.

After the people left, I was still wanting to show off my moves, so I finished taking out all of stuffing from my banana toy.

And now I am so tired from being the life of the party.  I think Miss Emily is tired too.    


  1. I bet everyone loved you - even a bit more than Ms. Emily? But I am sure they loved her too. What a great show you put on, you are gorgeous!! Sarah

  2. bouncer, you're the life of my party! i would be happy to sit on the couch with your list of requirements!

  3. Bouncer, you need a Clown Hat and a Clown Ruffle around your neck! I could just see you entertaining guests with your Clown Hat a little off center on your head. Thanks for always making me smile when I read about your new life or watch one of your fantastic movie productions.
    BTW, I hope Miss Emily didn't have a sore back the next day!

  4. I first met "Bouncer" In Emeryville , he was staying with Trish while
    while waiting for his "forever " home . Does he still do that thing when
    he sits up and begs and then just falls over backward into a big lump .
    I am glad to see he has found his "forever" home and looks as happy as
    he can be. He is such a big clown !