Friday, April 5, 2013

It is a Party Night

Some people ask me, "Bouncer, how do you like to spend Friday nights or other party nights at the Bounce House?"

It's very easy to answer this question.  This is the perfect party night for me.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Minky and Patience

My new girl-friend knows a thing or two about wrestling and cuddling.  She sure knows how to keep me busy on rainy days and on sunny days.  But she definitely doesn't know about "sitting" or "waiting," or "being patient."  Even Fat Munch knows not to have 'monkey manners' at the door.

It takes for-ever to get inside this way because the lady just waits.  She has "patience."  I do.  Fat Munch sort of does.  Miss Emily does.  Minky does not.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I had to have a talk with my new girlfriend today.  I said, "new girlfriend, please listen to me because i have something very important to talk to you about."

I said, "I know that you love me so much.   I know it's probably my Sweet Moves that you can't get enough of so you follow me around and chew on my face and snuggle all over me when Fat Munch and Miss Emily aren't looking.  It's okay to have the feelings you have." girlfriend Minky...Fat Munch and Miss Emily can't get enough of me too.  You have to share me.  And the Man and the lady get crabby when they don't get Bounce time.  You need to be respect-ful.

So, when we want to sit together, we need to sit with the tiny dogs, like this.

Don't be sad, Minks.  We are still together.
And...when they want to cuddle with me, you should hold your instincts in so they don't get jealous.  You could sleep close enough to me, but not too close, okay?

But I have a secret for you, Minky.  Of everything that is special to me, you are best.  I dream about you even when I am awake.  Because you are like my very own pocket pit.  Sometimes, I wish we could share the same collar.

Because you are my Minky.  The best girlfriend ever.

Friday, February 8, 2013

My new girlfriend

In 4 months I have made Fat Munchkin love me, taken more walks with the Man and lady than ever in my entire life, found out I was born with a bad back and met my new live-in girlfriend, Minky.  The Man and lady brought her to my bounce house awhile ago, and ever since I said it was okay that she could stay, we have been frenching and cuddling and nuzzling.

I told her that I had to intro-duce her here first, but she couldn't wait to start snuggling with me because I am so soft and sweet.  Sorry it took me so long.  Here she is with music.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I don't want to get hi-jacked.  Especially not by Fat Munch.  He is a gremlin.  

I would like to keep my bounce blog just the way it is.  Fat Munchin told me I better watch my back.  But today, I think I am going to play in the lady's sheets and roll on my back instead of watching it.  Tomorrow, I could figure out how to do that even though it doesn't sound like any fun.

la la la, playin in the lady's sheets

le le le biting the sheeties

we we we sheets are so fun  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tap tap...hey...hey you. come ear.

Ho there.  This is Fat Munch.  Keep your voice down so we don't wake Big Boy...Me and Miss Emily think that you have some explaining to do...  

We have been here this whole time you know.  I belted the Bee Gees last week and Miss Emily played along as Fat Heid's chihuahua toupee...just to get your attention.

I cuddled with the Big Boy so he could keep his bottom toasty even though that bed has my name written all over it.. 

I let him watch over me during Lazy Tuesdays.  Miss Emily watched him to make sure he was following the rules.  Miss Emily you are a good helper.

I let him make fun of my munch rolls.  Ha ha Big Boy.  But I could hijack this blog before you could even open your abnormally small eyes.

I could...

That doesn't mean I don't love me some Bounce.  It just means that I have bigger plans, much bigger plans than that...So Baby Blue Eyes, Sweet Bouncey, Bounce House, Cuddle Monster, Mook, Bounce, Lug, Immovable Force, and any other name the lady and The Man call you.  You watch out, you.

Because the second I jack your blog, it gets a new name and a new look.  Because chihuahuas is where it's at yo.  

And I am going to call it MISS FAT HOUSE.  

Pit bulls move over...

Chihuahuas and their zippy antics...get ready world.